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Earlier Services

Click or tap the button for the date of the service you'd like to watch.  ​Please note that the window that displays the service can be enlarged to full screen by clicking or tapping on the full screen icon, which is located by hovering or tapping near the bottom of the window.
September 17, 2023
"On Forgiveness"
October 8, 2023
"Broken to Pieces"
October 29, 2023
"A Perfect Peace"
November 19, 2023
"We Will Be Given An Abundance"
September 24, 2023
"Outreach Sunday"
October 15, 2023
"Keeping Our Promise"
November 5, 2023
"The Myth of the Humble Hypocrite"
November 26, 2023
"Learning to Sort: Shepherding 101"
October 1, 2023
"The Last Will Be First"
October 22, 2023
"Giving Things That
Are God's"
November 12, 2023
"Preparing Today for the Promise of Tomorrow"
December 3, 2023
"Are We There Yet?"
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